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Put Bounce in Your Step

Can you think of a way to shape your legs and burn off some calories with a minimal of effort?

It’s time to put some bounce in your step and start losing weight and reshaping your body by simply walking! The StepGym Toning Shoes and Fitness Program were created to promote dramatic weight loss while actually enjoying your fitness routine.

The StepGym toning shoe has been proven, through clinical studies, to tone muscles, reshape your body and help you lose weight. Just by walking with StepGym toning shoes 30 minutes a day and following the StepGym program, you’ll burn calories, lift your buttocks, shape your legs and start creating the body you always dreamed of!

The StepGym toning shoes have a patented Elasto-shock System featuring a dual memory cushion that provides better results than any other toning shoe brand. This unique technology also helps eliminate back pain, improves posture and protects knees, joints and your spine.

With every step you take, StepGym brings you closer your fitness goals. Their footwear helps:

• Firm up stubborn areas

• Shape your legs

• Burn calories

• Improve posture

• Reduce back pain and muscle aches

• Tone your muscle

• Improve circulation (preventing varicose veins)

• Lift your buttocks

• Protect knees and joints (less impact while walking)

You’ll feel like you’re walking on soft white sand in these comfortable toning shoes, forcing your muscles to contract more than usual in order to regain balance with each step. This advanced technology pushes your muscles to work harder and achieve the tone and definition you’ve been hoping for all your life!

To find out more about StepGym toning shoes and the entire StepGym Fitness Program, please visit our website at www.stepgym.com.