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A Test you’ll want to Take

Your annual Pap is a test you want to come back “negative”, however the Pap is only 50-80% effective at identifying cervical disease. A women with a recent history of “normal” Paps, could still present with invasive cervical cancer.

There are many common misconceptions about cervical cancer:

• Your annual Pap smear is all that is needed to prevent cervical cancer– not true, we need to be co-tested with a Pap and an HPV DNA test.

• A positive HPV test is something to be ashamed or scared of – in fact, it’s very common

• HPV vaccination provides 100% protection from cervical disease/cancer – it only protects against 2 of 14 known high-risk HPV types

Fortunately, the technology is available to possibly eliminate life threatening cervical cancer with proper vaccination and screening programs.

The digene HPV test by QIAGEN has the highest clinical sensitivity, and is the most widely used screening test for HPV.

When the digene HPV Test is used in combination with the Pap for women 30 and older, doctors can identify and monitor women with high-risk HPV infections that could develop into cervical cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent life threatening cervical cancer.

HPV is very common; approximately 80% of women will have it in their lifetime.

• Co-testing, using the HPV test & Pap together, is the best screening method to identify women at risk for cervical disease/cancer.

• The combination of the Pap & HPV test is such a sensitive screening method that women who test negative/negative may not need another co-test for 3-5 years. However, it is still important to continue annual well-woman visits.

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At your next well woman check up – ask your doctor for the digene HPV Test by QIAGEN: www.thehpvtest.com and www.qiagen.com