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Clean Up in a Snap!

It’s the Fall season -- and even though those falling leaves look beautiful it’s time to clean up the lawn and bring out the trash bags and rakes!

Cleaning up leaves can be frustrating; even more so when your garbage bag refuses to stay open and the leaves spill all over your freshly raked lawn. It’s finally time to use a new innovative product that helps you with clean up – indoors or out – and it’s called the Snap-Span.

Inventor David Gonzales II from Impact Advanced Concepts came up with his idea after doing volunteer work and had trouble keeping trash bags from collapsing.

Snap-Span’s simple yet revolutionary design allows you to hold and lock all bags open. You’ll know it’s in place by the sound of a snap. With its affordable price and convenient design, Snap-Span gets clean-up jobs done in a snap!

To use, simply:

• Place a bag around the Snap-Span frame (like you would a trash can)

• Individually snap each latch in place on all 4 sides

The greatest thing about the Snap-Span is its versatility. The Snap-Span is:

• Used Indoors and outdoors – great for parties, gardening, construction

• Used to scoop up trash and debris

• Affordable

• Hangs Anywhere – doorknobs, hooks

• Easy to use

• Conveniently stored

• Wide Opening for use with shovels and rakes

With the holiday season right around the corner, the Snap-Span is the perfect gift for family and friends.
For more information on the Snap-Span, visit: http://www.snap-span.com