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Apple of Love

Did you know that when the tomato was introduced to Europe in the 1500’s the French called it the “Apple of Love”?

For tomato lovers, what’s better tasting than eating a fresh, plump juicy tomato right off the vine?

After summer tomato season is over, it’s not easy finding good-tasting vine-ripened tomatoes in your grocery store. But now you can find the quality and delicious taste in a home grown tomato right at your local store all year round – with Tasti-Lee®Tomatoes!

Tomatoes are a very healthy vegetable to consume…full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidant micro-nutrients. Most store tomatoes are either harvested green and hard as a rock or grown inside of a greenhouse without soil and natural sunlight. Tasti-Lee® delivers a tomato that has these key attributes:

• HEALTH – Tasti-Lee® delivers extra health value –it’s higher in lycopene than regular tomatoes…up to 40% more content consistently. Cooking tomatoes actually concentrates lycopene content…it doesn’t “cook it away”. So enjoying Tasti-Lee® either fresh or cooked is a great idea.

• FLAVOR – Tasti-Lee® has been developed using natural breeding techniques (no GMO) to provide the perfect balance of sweet & tart components yielding an old time, backyard garden tomato flavor, color and texture not seen in any modern store tomato.

• FRESHNESS – Tasti-Lee® has the ability to be fully ripened on the vine, yet remain firm and fresh for an extended period of time. When other tomatoes are ripened on the vine, they rapidly become soft and mushy

• LONG LIFE - with Tasti-Lee® consumers can purchase and place on the kitchen counter usually for 1-2 weeks and still have a firm, fresh and flavorful tomato to eat.

Tasti-Lee® is expanding rapidly and will soon be in most major grocery retailers…right now you can find them at: Publix, Giant, Stop ‘n Shop, Wegmans, Schnucks, many Krogers and at The Flamingo Nursery and Farmer’s Market in Davie, FL!

Finally, a store tomato that eats like a home grown garden tomato with great taste & texture!

Remember that tomatoes are great way to get lots of antioxidants and highly nutritious ingredients when they are used in recipes like “Hot Artichoke Dip Stuffed Tasti-Lee® Tomatoes” or ” Yogurt Dressed Egg Salad in Tasti-Lee® Tomato Cups”.

Get the full recipe of both delicious dishes at www.thebalancingact.com or for more information, please visit: www.tasti-lee.com and http://flamingoroadnursery.com