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Razzle Dazzle Smile

Are you happy with how your smile looks? Would you like to get rid of those coffee or red wine stains or simply whiten up your teeth to add some razzle dazzle?

Diamonds, Bling Blasters and Icing -- these are all ways to brighten your smile through Bling Dental Products -- right in your own home!

Celebrity dentist Dr. Raymond Frye, also known as “Dr. Bling” believes there is great power in a smile, and you, too can be on your way to getting those red-carpet ready pearly whites!

Bling Dental offers its own custom line of teeth whitening products developed by Dr. Bling himself featuring:

• Icing™ - their signature gel plus tray professional strength whitening system

• Shazzam whitening strips – developed for sensitive teeth and young people

• Diamond Ultrasonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer gives complete oral care and ultrasonic tooth whitening

• Jager iOsonic™– most technologically advanced with 40,000 strokes per minute

• Bling Blaster™ – keeps your toothbrush bacteria-free and sanitized; also a travel companion

• Shazzam tsunami advanced hydroflosser to combat plaque and gingivitis

Dr. Bling also offers his Top Ten Pearls of Wisdom when Whitening Your Teeth:

• Whitening toothpastes are designed to be abrasive and remove the top layer of enamel. They only remove stains on the outside of the tooth. Frequent use of whitening toothpaste may result in teeth becoming sensitive to hot and cold.

• Effective whitening gels contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. I recommend carbamide peroxide because the results last longer. It is also less dehydrating to the teeth and can actually help prevent decay. My own whitening gel formula, Icing 30-Carat*, contains carbamide peroxide and a special desensitizing agent, potassium nitrate.

• Avoid whitening with lasers, high-intensity lights or heat. You will get the same results with other methods and avoid dehydration of the tooth and increased sensitivity. Whitening gel can be stored in refrigerator and can stay effective for up to two years

For the rest of the list and to learn more about Bling products, please visit: www.blingdentalproducts.com.