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Stop Messing Around!

Have you ever tried to fill a reusable water bottle from a refrigerator or a purifying container, only to find yourself creating an incredible mess? Well, look no further, for the solution to those spills.

The American-made MultiFunnel from iNova Designs, LLC is a patented, original and uniquely shaped funnel, designed to bridge the gap between reusable water bottles and refrigerator water dispensers -- it's a small, slender funnel that has a deep, elongated reservoir on one side. The spout is long enough to fit into many openings; and is also extremely useful all over the house, in the garage, and outside as well.

Whether it is used towards refilling salt shakers or cruets, the oil reserve on an automobile or any other hard to fill spot around a household, the MultiFunnel is a must-have anywhere and everywhere. The MultiFunnel:

• Is Eco-friendly and Helps to Reduce the Quantity of Plastic Bottles in Landfills

• Works With All Refrigerator Dispensers

• Possesses An Ergonomic Shape and Elongated Spout

• Makes Filling Water Bottles Easy

• Is Perfect For Use With Baby Bottles

• Prevents Spills

• Is Dishwasher Safe

• Is economical – No More Paying for Overpriced Water!

To learn more about the MultiFunnel, please visit www.emultifunnel.com.