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Your Child & Vaccinations

When it comes to your children and vaccinations – it’s best to be armed with the most information possible so you can make informed decisions.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a non-profit (501C3) educational organization that disseminates information on vaccination and health for the purpose of empowering consumers to make well-informed vaccination decisions for themselves and their children.

NVIC does not advise for or against use of vaccines but takes a pro-education, pro-informed consent position that emphasizes individualized, shared decision making between patients, parents and health care professionals:

• NVIC’s website at is the largest and oldest consumer health website featuring information about vaccination and health.

• NVIC’s popular Facebook page has 35,000 Fans.

• The downloadable “If You Vaccinate, Ask 8 Questions” brochure contains basic information about how to recognize and minimize vaccine reactions.

• The interactive Vaccine Ingredient Calculator makes it easy to calculate the amount of vaccine ingredients your child will receive.

• NVIC’s online map of the states, including state vaccine laws and exemptions educates parents about daycare and school vaccine requirements in their state.

• The free online NVIC Advocacy Portal connects parents with their elected state representatives with the touch of an I-phone or click of a mouse so they can protect the legal right to make vaccine choices in their state.

• From NVIC.org, parents can access the MedAlerts Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
database to become more educated about signs and symptoms of vaccine reactions.

• The free NVIC Vaccine E-Newsletter keeps subscribers informed about breaking vaccine news that affects families with children and health professionals caring for children.

NVIC would like to encourage viewers to find a doctor, who will treat them with respect and willingly answer their questions and help them make individualized vaccination decisions for children.
For more information, please visit: www.NVIC.org.