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Sleep Better

Do you have a wish list? Do you wish you could finally stop smoking or smoke less?

Or do you wish that you would fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow instead of tossing and turning and watching the clock? Do you wish there were natural, effective products on the market to help you? There are and all your wishes are about to come true!

Silver Eagle Labs introduces SleepAid® -- to help you start sleeping, and NicoSpan® -- to help you stop smoking.
SleepAid® is a quick dissolving film that is placed on the tongue and is rapidly absorbed through the mucus membranes that line the mouth. SleepAid® lubricates the throat while releasing 3 mg of melatonin, a natural hormone that is believed to help regulate the body’s natural clock and help those with mild sleep disorders to sleep. It may also help to stop snoring.

NicoSpan® is a low dose nicotine strip that dissolves on the tongue in seconds, the perfect substitute for a cigarette when you’re in an area where you can’t smoke. It does not contain tobacco, so there is no lingering smoke smell. The peppermint flavor also freshens breath and has a pleasant taste.

Additional advantages of SleepAid® and NicoSpan® are:

• Good tasting

• Conveniently packaged for easy portability for traveling

• Each strip is individually foil wrapped for freshness and longer shelf life

• Rapid release of main ingredient, dissolves quickly on the tongue

• Vegan formula

• Made in the U.S.A. – Patent pending

Whether your wish is to smoke less or to sleep more, Silver Eagle Labs has the solution for you with either SleepAid® or NicoSpan®. To find out more about these products, please visit their website at www.silvereaglelabs.com.