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Dynamic History for 21st Century

How do teachers spark an interest of history in their students? To reach today’s 21st Century students—you have to engage them in the environment they are most familiar with - DIGITAL.

The American Institute for History Education’s signature product CICERO provides rich historical content covering 600 BC to present day that promotes history in the classroom through software technology facilitated by a partnership with Hitachi and Sony.

Aligned to Common Core and State Standards, CICERO sets the standard in online education, and is incorporated by 2,500 school districts across the nation.

Research has demonstrated that a solid level of social studies and history education:

• Helps children to develop judgment in worldly affairs, by understanding the past behavior of people and societies.

• Aids in promoting reading at the evaluation, synthesis, analysis, and interpretation levels.

• Provides children with tools to develop essential thinking skills and skills for good citizenship.

• Strengthens critical thinking abilities and the aptitude to assess evidence.

Overall, it is AIHE’s goal to offer districts around the country the opportunity to incorporate new technology in the classroom. The results have been extraordinary, with teachers and students who use AIHE products and services raising knowledge and achievement throughout the nation.

The American Institute for History Education has found success in instilling a love of history in our kids in a new and modern way.

For more information or to purchase CICERO for your classroom, building or district, please contact solutions@aihe.info. For individual purchases, please visit www.cicerohistory.com.