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WELCOME to our Newsletter...Celebrating Women's Lives


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Wake Up to a Healthy Start

It’s enough to just get ourselves out the door in the morning let alone have time to eat a healthy breakfast! May of us suffice with a cup of joe to go, grab a not-too-good-for-you donut or load up on unhealthy fast-food fare – or worse, eat nothing at all.

How will we have enough energy to power through the day if we leave our bodies depleted from the very start?

Without having to trade nutrition for taste, we can jump start our metabolism with a Start Healthy breakfast. From the heartland of America, Grand Prairie Food’s Start Healthy makes a delicious breakfast sandwich that should satisfy any crack of dawn craving for good taste without sacrificing good-for-you nutrition:

• Low in Calories

• Low in Cholesterol

• High in Fiber without compromising taste

• Good source of Protein

• All Natural ingredients

• No chemical additives

• Free from antibiotics or hormones

• Healthy dose of Whole Grain providing complex carbs

One flavorful sandwich offers about 25-30% of an active woman’s daily protein needs and about 10% of the daily fiber needs. As we all know, higher protein levels are better for us nutritionally and consuming low calorie and low fat products lead to a healthier lifestyle!

Start Healthy is also keeping our environment healthy as well by using recycled materials for the Start Healthy Boxes, which are also recyclable; these boxes are printed and manufactured in a green plant powered by Wind Energy.

Grand Prairie Foods believes it’s important to live a long healthy life and support a healthy environment.
To jump start your day, please visit: starthealthyfoods