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Kick-Start Summer Mornings

Finally an answer to that bewildering question we all face every morning – what should I have for breakfast today that’s healthy?

The answer is a whole grain, all natural, low calorie and low fat Start Healthy muffin or bagel. Start Healthy breakfast foods are quick and convenient to prepare, easy to eat on-the-go and full of satisfying flavor.

Only the best all natural ingredients go into Start Healthy breakfast sandwiches like:

• Whole grains

• Lean turkey protein

• Reduced fat cheese

• Cholesterol-free eggs

With your health in mind, Start Healthy breakfast options have:

• No preservatives

• No hormones

• No chemically produced additives

In addition to only top-quality ingredients, Start Healthy breakfasts provide you with the energy you need to kick start your day, get your metabolism going, and provide you with the nutrients you need first thing in the morning.

Did you know that people who eat breakfast are less likely to become overweight? Another great reason to make Start Healthy the first thing you reach for when you wake up!

Start Healthy makes sure our environment stays healthy. All packaging is made from recycled materials, and are also recyclable. Their boxes are printed and manufactured in a green plant powered by Wind Energy.

Start Healthy Foods is a family-owned company specializing in the development of healthy, innovative and delicious ready to heat and eat products.

To learn more, please visit their website at www.starthealthyfoods.com.