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Getting Protein the Right Whey

Many women think that adding more protein to their diets will cause them to bulk up and actually gain weight.
Getting the RIGHT protein in the RIGHT manner will contribute to weight loss and a host of other benefits.

SDC Nutrition’s ABOUT TIME all-natural whey protein products have only 4 ingredients, including nature’s sweetener, stevia that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

From protein supplements that can easily be added to a variety of recipes like smoothies to meal replacement bars, About Time provides you with the ingredients your body needs (like 100% whey protein isolate) to get the right type of protein which will help burn fat and lower insulin levels. About Time is also gluten free, lactos free, has zero fat and zero carbs.

Through perseverance, refinement, and a fanatical belief in providing superior protein supplements for a healthy lifestyle, About Time products were created for consumers of all ages:

• About Time for Seniors – As we age we tend to lose muscle and our immune systems weaken. A diet including high quality protein can slow down the rate at which we lose muscle.

• About Time for Athletes – Having a high quality whey protein supplement following an intense workout aides in muscle recovery and repair.

• About Time for Women – Using a high quality whey isolate protein helps women increase lean muscle tissue, recover from exercise quicker, and boost metabolism.

• About Time for Teens – Most teens don’t get adequate amounts of protein in their diets. By adding About Time to their diet, their nutritional needs will better be met.

We all want to be healthy and include the right amount of protein in our diets every day. About Time provides convenient, high quality products to achieve this. Grab a shake or a meal replacement bar on your way out the door and you’re adding a high quality protein to your diet without extra carbs and calories.

SDC Nutrition’s mission is to inform people on the difference between the health benefits of whey protein isolate and the often misleading protein products out there.

*These products are not intended to treat or cure any disease and everyone should consult their doctor before beginning a new exercise routine or taking any health supplements.

Nutrition is a valued partner of the ”A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover”™ series airing on “The Balancing Act” every Monday morning as well as a partner of the “Balance Your Life Road Tour.”

To learn more, please visit About Time at www.TryAboutTime.com. and enter promo code “Lifetime” for 35% off a 2lb container of About Time.