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Vote for Vaccination

Did you know that American pet parents spent $50.96 billion on their beloved animals in 2011?*

Despite that large amount, veterinarians have seen a decline in the number of cats and dogs being vaccinated.
Merck Animal Health, one of the leading suppliers of canine and feline vaccines to veterinary professionals, is proud to be leading the effort to support veterinarians across the U.S. by educating pet owners on the importance of vaccination and to help them understand the important role that vaccination plays in keeping pets healthy.

The Merck Animal Health educational initiative, “Vote for Vaccination” campaign incorporates fun, engaging puppet spokespets “Mutt and Kitty,” who tout the importance of regular visits to their veterinarian through on-line videos, activities and a risk assessment for pets.

Keep in mind these important facts while considering vaccinating your pet:

• Veterinarians work hard to keep your pet healthy. Their primary objective is to provide the best care for your pet.

• The more pets are vaccinated against contagious diseases the greater the pet herd immunity.

• New diseases, such as canine influenza may arise at any time, so it’s important to have a conversation with your veterinarian every year regarding which vaccines are right for your pet.

• Fear of over-vaccination has crept up on the web, but veterinarians work with owners to determine what specific vaccines are applicable based on geography and the pet’s lifestyle.

By keeping your pet vaccinated, you may spare yourself the expense and heartache that may result from your pet being exposed to any number of diseases that could have easily been prevented.

Pledge your support to healthier and happier pets by visiting www.mypet.com

*According to the American Pet Products Association