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Summer Dare

Did you know….?

• The x-ray was discovered purely by accident?
• Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals because he hated wearing two pairs of glasses?

Do YOU have a great idea for an invention?

“Dare to Invent” with Davison!

Whether your idea is borne out of necessity or discovered by happenstance, there is help out there to guide everyday people like you through the entire process.

George Davison (“Mr. D”) has a passion for helping people invent. For over 20 years, Davison Inc. has used their successfully proven Davison Inventing Method to get ideas out of people’s heads and into the hands of stores! His “Dare to Invent” webisode series will feature you and your product when it becomes a hit!

Aspiring inventors will receive guidance in presenting their ideas to corporations, manufacturers and retailers making sure their product idea:

• Is Cost Effective to manufacture

• Appeals to Consumers

• Fits into a company’s Product Line

Watch the July 27th episode of the “Balancing Act” at 7am (ET/PT) as the Davison Inventing Method helps aspiring inventor Diane transform into a successful entrepreneur.

Here’s an overview of Diane’s “Hydro Bone” invention story:

Diane didn’t like hearing her precious pup, Alexander James, panting in thirst while taking walks or in the car…..she wanted to provide him with on-the-spot refreshment.

She brought her idea for a new product that would keep pets hydrated to Davison, where fellow dog-lover Curtis led the creative team on a mission to soak up success! Although it took time, modifications and some extreme testing (including does it pass the flame-ability, bounce-ability and cinderblock-ability tests?), the award-winning Hydro Bone with an embedded sponge emerged…

…..and was quickly followed by a complete product line that has sold at Sam’s Club and other retailers!
Is it time for you to Dare to Invent?