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The Mother of Invention

What do Super Glue, Potato Chips, the Microwave Oven and Ice Cream Cones all have in common?

They are inventions created entirely by accident! Some were borne out of criticism of the original product:

• Back in 1853, Vanderbilt sent back thick and soggy potatoes at a restaurant. The chef came up with thin-fried slices of potato that became potato chips.

Some say necessity is the Mother of Invention:

• Ice Cream cones came about at the World’s Fair in 1904 when people ran out of dishes to serve ice cream. Thin waffles were used, and created an instant hit, thus becoming rolled cones!

And yet others seemed like science experiments gone a-muck:

• Super Glue was discovered by a Dr. in the late 1940’s while he was researching types of plastics and he realized his compound was very sticky.

We all have good ideas. Whether we stumble upon them or they’ve been bouncing around our heads for years, there is a place to go to get some guidance. Start by checking out Davison:

• Davison is the country’s largest invention factory -- for over 20 years

• Created by Inventor, Founder and CEO George Davison (“Mr. D”) for everyday people just like him

• For people who have a good idea that solves a problem, but who don’t know where to start or who to trust

Here’s the story of a Pennsylvania man, Julien —who -- thanks to some uninvited house guests, can officially now call himself an inventor. Julien took a 2 liter soda pop bottle and put a light at the bottom to lure in the stink bugs. But it wasn’t exactly right. So with some help from Davison, who built a human size prototype for testing, as well as changed up the design, a successful Stink Bug Trap was born. Now the bugs were lured in but could not escape.

Why not take a chance on your idea?