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It's OK2Ask® About “Snack Sessions”

Most kids model their behavior after important people in their lives, which include parents and teachers. If children see you engaging in learning activities, they are more inclined to want to learn as well --and develop a lifelong love of learning.

In this technology-rich world, learning and technology go hand in hand -- especially in schools.
Educators all across America are using web-based technology for teachers to advance their own professional development and keep them effective in the classroom…..to the benefit of students, parents and other teachers.

The Source For Learning offers OK2Ask® which is a series of free, live, online “snack sessions” (available live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development. Produced by TeachersFirst, The Source for Learning’s free, ad-free web site for K-12 teachers, OK2Ask® offers motivated teachers an opportunity to improve their teaching and stay current through the most effective instructional technology tools.

Here’s what you need to know about OK2Ask® seminars:

• Each OK2Ask® session lasts 75 to 120 minutes, and offers opportunities for presentation, dialogue, and independent exploration of the subject matter
• Enrollment is limited to no more than thirty participants
• Sessions are team taught, the participant/presenter ratio is no higher than nine to one
• Presentations for the current academic year include sessions on building a classroom wiki; a focused workshop on using Google Earth; resources and collaborative tools for K-8 math teachers; and “Web Worries: What teachers should know about online behavior.”
• ® OK2Ask® is only one part of the wide variety of professional development content available on the TeachersFirst web site.

Keeping teachers’ skills up to date with continuing professional development is one of the best ways to ensure that your child learns all he or she can from school and see the value of life-long learning.

For more information about please visit http://www.sourceforlearning.org or www.teachersfirst.com.

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