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Bigger Words Bigger Success

As a parent, have you ever heard your son or daughter say “Why do I need to learn a lot of vocabulary words? I’m going to be a rock star / astronaut / fashion designer!” But of course, having a command of words in school and in life is important, no matter what they choose to be.

Did you know your child or teen can improve their vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day?

Kids have a lot to strive for to meet educational goals. With the bar raised for standardized testing and requirements for graduation, it’s important for parents to lend a hand to help their children excel in school -- but what exactly can they do?

Expanding your child’s vocabulary is a great start. Sadlier’s, the renowned vocabulary company developed ‘Vocabulary for Success’ which is a fun and innovative way for middle school grade students to learn and enhance their vocabulary.

Research shows vocabulary plays an important role in students’ success, and is among the greatest predicators of reading comprehension. ‘Vocabulary for Success’ aligns to the Common Core State Standards which places heavy emphasis on language and vocabulary development.

Why consider Sadlier?

• Easy to use and accessible online and with smartphones
• Affordable
• Fun videos audio recordings and games available
• Established reputable company for over 50 years
• Programs accessible to parents

Vocabulary for Success programs can start students on the path to improved test scores and academic performance starting in middle school -- it’s easy and takes only a few minutes a day to built up vocabulary.

By helping your student improve his or her vocabulary you’ll set them up to excel in school... and beyond.

Sadlier will have a special store for The Balancing Act parents at:

http:// www.sadlier.com/thebalancingact