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What's in Your Medicine Cabinet?

When you open your medicine cabinet, what do you see -- a jumble of outdated tubes, half-filled pill bottles and “mystery products” haphazardly jammed on the shelves?

Isn’t it time you had a Medicine Cabinet Makeover?

PharmaCline is in the first-aid wound care business and can offer us some insight into thoughtfully managing our family medicine cabinets.

“A medicine cabinet makeover is easier than cleaning out the refrigerator and it is a lot more important,” says Steve Keough, pharmaCline’s CEO. Women, as the primary purchasers of the products in most family medicine cabinets, also take on the role of managing its content.

As you get ready to MAKE OVER your Medicine cabinets, remember these 3 key “R” words: READ, REMOVE & RESTOCK:

• READ all labels and expiration dates. People assume that products in their medicine cabinet do not expire, but this is a myth.

• REMOVE any expired products and dispose of them safely by gathering them up and mixing them in a bag of coffee grinds or cat litter and throw them out. Using drugs that are expired can increase drug resistance problems.

• RESTOCK what you need and keep inventory of what you have.

With over 7,000 emergency room visits per year attributed to accidental overdose of drug products in the home, it’s important to lock up dangerous drugs like sleeping pills, out of reach of children as well as keeping the drugs away from the heat and humidity of bathrooms which can ruin the drugs.

Here are some basic products that should be stocked in your medicine cabinet:

• Antibiotic Ointment to prevent skin infection such as pharmaCline’s Tissecline®, TisseclinePlus®, or Diabecline® antibiotics
• Various types of bandages, gauze pads and medical tape
• Scissors
• Antacids
• Antihistamines to treat allergic reactions
• Anti-diarrheal tablets
• Thermometer
• Fever Reducers/Pain Relievers
• Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

The better organized you are, the better prepared you will be in case of an emergency!

To see products available via Amazon through pharmaCline’s company website, please visit: www.pharmacline.com