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Opening Windows to Other Worlds

What if you could open up the doors and windows of your son or daughter’s world by providing them with the fresh experiences of other cultures, while blending exciting global travel with enriching education?

Parents are more aware than ever of the importance of giving their children an edge for their futures – whether for getting a leg up on the competition in the workplace or being able to navigate the complexities of this globalized marketplace.

What better way to give students a way to learn about what they have only read about in books or discussed in the confines of the classroom than to provide the opportunity to get a glimpse into other windows of the world by travelling with the People to People Student Ambassador Program?

People to People Student Ambassador programs provide a rich mixture of cultural, educational, personal development and authentic people-to-people exchanges for 5th-12th graders.

With an unparalleled opportunity to shape a students’ world, the program:

• Allows students to represent their county

• Teaches responsibility and time management skills by traveling with peers away from home

• Promotes cultural awareness

• Students will bring home a broadened knowledge of the world

• Safe overseas travel is the best way to give a global perspective

Amazing first-hand access to people in other countries

• Teachers global citizenship and understanding between cultures

• Insight into a diverse world prepares for competition in higher education & workplace

Students who travel with People to People Student Ambassador programs learn ancient history, share meals with welcoming families, give back with environmental projects, mix and mingle with locals and other students their age in a safe and secure environment.

With nearly 50 years experience, 500,000 alumni, and destinations on 7 continents and 40 countries, People to People Ambassador Programs can provide a solid foundation to help your son or daughter develop into a successful global citizen.

Give your child or teen the opportunity to open every single door and window possible for the brightest future you know they can achieve!

For more information, please visit: www.peopletopeople.com