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Feel the Heat

Sore muscles, aches and pains – we’ve all experienced them, whether we are top athletes or not! And as we get older, achy joints and stiffness are often part of our daily lives.

What if you could rub away the discomfort of your pain and soreness with a soothing, warming balm?
CAPSAICIN, a Chili Pepper extract, is the special ingredient that makes Cajun Sports Cream a “hot formula” healing topical analgesic. The extract actually stimulates and decreases pain signals to the body and causes a warming sensation to the skin.

Cajun Sports is loaded with some of Mother Nature’s most effective botanical pain relief ingredients:

• EMU oil
• Aloe Vera
• GHFSJWillow bark
• Chamomile
• Menthol, Eucalyptus
• Arnica, calendula, comfrey leaf

NFL, NBA, and NHL sports teams, body builders, soccer teams, horse-racing jockeys and other athletes along with people suffering from work injuries, age-related pain or the wear and tear of everyday physical activities have benefited from Cajun Sports Cream because it:

• Works immediately, heat sensation lasts long time

• Found to be effective for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

• Helps relieve the effects eczema and gout

• Takes the itch and sting out of mosquito and chigger bites

• Available right off the shelf, no prescription needed!

• Lotion consistency spreads easily unlike thicker creams

From athletes to everyday Americans, Cajun Sports Cream is a simple way to heal yourself safely and say good-bye to sore muscles!

Cajun Sports Cream is a woman-owned small business based out of Texas.

For more information and to receive free samples, please visit: www.cajunsportscream.com