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WELCOME to our Newsletter...Celebrating Women's Lives


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Lights, Camera Action!

Do you ever watch celebrities on the Red Carpet and wish you had their flawless looking skin -- and wonder why they seem to age so gracefully? What is their secret?

Kryolan Professional, known for specializing in professional make-up serving theater, film and television around the globe offers you a way to look your absolute best red carpet ready self!

Did you Know….?

• 90% of women don’t shade or tint brows with the correct color? (too Red)

• The average woman eats 3 lbs. of lip product in her lifetime (your stomach breaks this down before it enters the bloodstream)

• Some of Kryolan’s products are Kosher rated

• Your hands, cell phone and dirty makeup brushes are causing your skin to breakout

Kryolan sees skin issues on a daily basis that affect over 20% of adult women like adult acne, discolorations and
hyper pigmentation. Learn what to use and look for to help your skin look and feel its best:

• Products use food grade quality ingredients when available

• Never test on animals

• Multi-use products can be used as a foundation, contour, or eye shading

• Learn how universal colors can impact your face by framing key areas; Brows, cheeks, lips, lashes

Get ready for your close-up! Kryolan believes that women of all colors and ages are beautiful and matching the right makeup products to the individual's skin tone and condition make all the difference. Makeup should bring out the features that you want the world to notice.

For more information, please visit: www.kryolan.com.