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Plush ABC’s

Parents and kids alike know the time honored alphabet tune ending with “Now I Know My A-B-C’s” – and now there’s a fantastic, fun and creative way that children from toddlers to pre-K can learn their letters!

No books or flashcards needed!

Alphabeasts by Alpha Toys are a combination of plush, cuddly fun toys and new, useful educational learning tools for young children. Little ones can learn both upper and lower case letters which are printed on each side of the 26 Alphabeasts, then continue to learn by creating words.

The plush are soft, cuddly and are ideal for having the children tote them around. This allows their learning experience to continue beyond the designated playtime as well. Combining the beasts together to spell words can be done via role playing as well.

Each Alphabeast (26 total characters) has its own look, unique name, color scheme and upper & lower case letter on the beast itself, and promotes learning through playtime for any young child.

Alphabeasts are plush, lovable, learning companions created to teach children their ABC’s and how to spell while having fun at the same time.

• 26 beasts in all, 15” in height, in vibrant colors, with upper AND lower case letters on them

• Each beast has a unique name (corresponding to the letter it represents) as well as unique personality traits.

• Encourage learning and early child development.

• Ideal for any child. Great travel companions as well.

• A fun way to children to interact with his/her toy during playtime but still learn.

For parents and younger children, there is also a set of ABC books with colorful illustrations of the beasts interacting with words that begin with the necessary letter of that book. These illustrations are playful and invite the young child in to discover more.

Alphabeasts are a great collectible and a colorful, safe, fun way to decorate child’s room.

For more information, please visit: www.thealphabeasts.com

Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alphabeasts/103276919756787 or Twitter: @thealphabeasts