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Beach Body Ready

Are you ready to give up on your current workout because you’re not getting the toned look you desire? Are you tired of staying motivated on your own --- and would love the chance to be part of an energizing group setting?

LES MILLS®, creators of some of the world’s most popular group exercise programs, combines fitness and fun with their BODYPUMP® program of strength training with weights. The secret behind Les Mills BODYPUMP™ is what they call THE REP EFFECT™, which is based on high repetition with low weights to maximize strength, without overbuilding your muscles.


• Designed specifically to create lean, defined muscle – You won’t BULK UP!

• One of the fastest ways to gain strength, shape and tone

• Great for any fitness level or age

• Motivational with energizing group class settings

• Scientifically backed and proven to get results – FAST!

• Vital to your fitness regime, especially if you’re a woman (the more toned your muscles, the easier it is to control your weight!)

Set to chart-topping club music, Les Mills®’ invigorating classes use easy-to-learn choreography that is refreshed every three months so you never get bored. BODYPUMP’s® certified instructors teach and inspire in a dynamic group exercise setting, not simply show you the ropes.

Helping thousands of people change their bodies and their lives, LES MILLS® group fitness programs have crossed the ocean from New Zealand into over 80 countries across the world, including 3,000 clubs in the U.S.
BODYPUMP® is also the inspiration behind the brand new LES MILLS PUMP home workout from Beachbody.

To find a class near you, please visit: www.lesmills.com

LES MILLS® is a valued partner on the ‘A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover™ series airing on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV every Monday morning at 7 am.