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Runway Inspired Slimming Secret

How many times have you tried on clothing and wished you could get rid of those unwanted rolls, bulges and bumps? Whether you want to look great for a special night on the town or simply fit back into your jeans, most women aspire to losing inches for a slimmer silhouette.

What if you could instantly slim down and shape up by following in the footsteps of models who walk the Paris runways? Their French Fashion secret has now crossed the ocean to women in America --and it’s called Shape and Slim.

European beauty experts have infused fashionable contouring garments with micro-encapsulated caffeine - that’s right, from the familiar coffee bean - inside a fabric-based delivery system. Infused in the garment is an effective time-released solution so when the fabric is in contact with the skin and is heated to skin temperature, it releases a natural compound that includes not only caffeine, but also:

• Antioxidants
• Omega 3 and Omega 6
• Fatty acids
• Vitamin E
• Moisturizers (Shea Butter) hydrates the skin

The surprise Active ingredient, caffeine, stimulates the bodies’ natural systems to reduce fat and cellulite. As the solution is released onto the skin over time, it penetrates into the layers just below the surface where cellulite cells live, firing up the metabolism to burn fat right in those difficult to target areas, like our waist and thighs.

Shape and Slim mixes the best of Science and Fashion to make you look and feel good:

-- Comfortable to wear as undergarment or as regular garment
-- Seamless, breathable, non see-through fabric
-- Brown Algae helps to improve the skin elasticity and moisture
-- Inca Inchi, rich in Omega 3 and 6 will balance the skin permeability
-- Slimming Results within 21 days, visible by the first week

Keep in mind, Shape and Slim contour garments should be used as part of an overall nutrition and exercise regimen to keep looking great!

For a slimmer silhouette, please visit: www.buyshapeandslim.com