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Hidden Mini Massage

What do caffeine and silver have in common?

Did you know caffeine is an active slimming agent?
Did you know silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent?

Both are ingredients in the fabric of the Proskins SLIM line, compression wear designed to help you firm up and slim problem areas: the caffeine stimulates circulation and promotes fat destruction and the silver prevents odor and extends the wear of the fabric.

With additional special cosmetic ingredients like Retinol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Ceramides contained in the fabric, Proskins help you look and feel better, lose inches and soften your skin -- just by wearing them!

Proskins LTD, already established with a strong reputation in the athletic world, has brought their innovation and compression expertise to the world of everyday women’s wear. Proskins is committed to designing compression clothing with advanced technology that delivers function, innovation and beauty to real women without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Whether wearing to the gym or under career clothes in the office, these leggings do much more than look fabulous on - - the fabric acts like a mini hidden workout, stimulating blood flow and speeding up the metabolism while you go about your daily routine.

If you are looking for a way to slim your silhouette and tighten up problem areas, see the numerous benefits that Proskin SLIM compression wear offers:

• Soft handle yarn provides exceptional comfort for wearing for long periods of time
• Versatility and comfort in any woman’s wardrobe – can wear as an exercise legging, under clothing or as a fashion statement with your favorite top
• Product line includes Capri, legging and shorts
• By adding the proven slimming ingredient of Caffeine into the fabric, Proskins can reduce fat content in cells and create smoother skin
• Special Ingredients also tackle 2 major causes of cellulite – blood circulation and fluid retention
• Proskin compression helps during exercise by preventing the buildup of lactic acid -- the cause of post exercise stiffness
• Sleeping in Proskins overnight helps repair muscles
• Worn by the 4 makeover ladies on the ”A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover”™

Caffeine does not have to be consumed to have a positive impact on our bodies!

Proskins SLIM is a partner on the ”A Lifetime of Health and Wellness Makeover”™ series airing on “The Balancing Act” each Monday morning.

For more info, please visit: http://www.proskins.co