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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Not all insurance plans are created equally. Thankfully, our guest Allen Anderson of Selective Insurance Company of America is here to explain the importance of having a plan that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Speaking of handling finances, it can be hard to bring new products into your home if you run a tight budget or have struggles with credit. Thankfully, Acceptance Now makes it easy. Their consumer-friendly payment plans can allow you to get the brand-name items you want right now, and make paying for them much less of a hassle. Cataracts are very common risk that we all can face as we get older. Dr. Cathleen McCabe, eye surgeon and Sharon Ulissi, a patient, discuss with us the options available to those who face challenges to healthy vision. Hungry yet? Chef Ralph Pagano has a refreshing answer…blueberries! He’ll be showing how you can make a delicious parfait right at home, super easy, healthy, and tasty too.

Safety Solutions When You’re Behind the Wheel

U.S. Cellular’s CruiseConnect vehicle connectivity device is keeping families and businesses safe while they're on the go.

Caregiving: Challenges and Rewards for Family Members

Jody Gastfriend, Vice President of Senior Care Services at, talks about helping families make informed decisions about finding quality care for loved ones.

The experts at Wella Professionals are here to provide our viewers with the perfect hair colors and styles to complement their unique looks.