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From Broadway to Beyond…The Balancing Act has ways to Enhance your life.

Time to test drive your taste buds, sense of smell… even your hearing-can you say Broadway!?! We’re sitting down with recording artist Deborah Cox as we begins touring the country in the smash musical, The Bodyguard. Plus sampling Mazola oil- can you tell the difference between it and olive oil?? And sniffing our problems in your car thanks to Sears Auto Center. Finally, good advice of life insurance what every woman needs to know.

Massive Diamonds That Positively Impact People Around the World

Because Lucara gives back 55% of the revenue it earns from diamonds to the people of Botswana, every child in Botswana receives a free education.

Lucara Diamond's Ethical Approach to Diamond Mining in Botswana

Lucara Diamond emphasizes a healthy and safe work environment and creating a positive economic and social impact on local communities where they operate.

Diamonds 101: How They Form and How They're Found

Natural diamonds are among the hardest and most ancient substances on earth—some specimens were formed three billion years ago.