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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on
Improving Communication and Nourishment for Your Family

Today on The Balancing Act, trusted experts join the show to offer innovative ways to improve your family's communication and nourishment.

Special Episode Promoting Health and Nutrition Awareness

Health and nutrition: Learn more about Parkinson's disease and interstitial cystitis; discover delicious new apple varieties grown responsibly and sustainably in New York State.

Bullying: Youths and Adults Taking a Stand and Spreading Awareness

In a special edition of The Balancing Act, Olga Villaverde and Julie Moran sit down with some special youths and adults taking a stand against bullying.

Celebrating Mother's Day: Mouthwatering Meals & Infant Nutrition Tips

Our Mother's Day special includes Similac formula's nutritional breakthrough, delicious (and healthy) recipes for Mom, and a clever contact lens concierge company.

From Aladdin to Avocados, Let the Celebrating Begin

Today, we're going backstage at Broadway, getting appetizing avocado recipes and converting trapped photos from our phone into precious memories.

Be The Change: The Positive Global Impact of Diamonds

Diamonds are not only one of the world's rarest and most valuable gemstones, but they positively impact the regions in which they're mined.

Family Matters: Caregiving, Staying Connected and Beauty Tips

Today on The Balancing Act, we tackle issues important to all families, from exploring caregiving options to staying connected and keeping your hair looking fabulous.

Inspiring Stories: Overcoming Health Challenges and Infant Nutrition

Today's inspiring stories include awareness of a rare disease, a visit with an advocate for the blind, and a scientific breakthrough boosting the health of formula-fed babies.

Behind the Scenes with On Your Feet! Plus, Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

Go behind the scenes with On Your Feet! and learn about ways to incorporate healthy, bright apple cider vinegar into your diet and lifestyle.