Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

The Balancing takes us to Broadway and Beyond with an east meets west musical extravaganza- The King and I > We go behind the scenes and talk to the team who’ll be taking this Tony Award winning revival on the road. Also on the show, east meets west again wtih Marukan’s Rice Vinegar. Enhance the Flavor of your favorite dish with Marukan’s Rice Vinegar Marukan is the perfect tool for flavor to use in the kitchen and is the ideal way to season a dish the way you would with salt and pepper. We switch gears with a more serious topic and talk about the role of personalized medicine in our series, “Behind the Mystery”. Currently most physicians use a one size fits all approach. Alpha Genomix enables the selection of the right drug at the right dose for the patient. Alpha Genomix Laboratory is a CLIA-certified Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory performing clinical genetic testing. testing helps give physicians the tools necessary to provide patients with truly personalized care.

Massive Diamonds That Positively Impact People Around the World

Because Lucara gives back 55% of the revenue it earns from diamonds to the people of Botswana, every child in Botswana receives a free education.

Lucara Diamond's Ethical Approach to Diamond Mining in Botswana

Lucara Diamond emphasizes a healthy and safe work environment and creating a positive economic and social impact on local communities where they operate.

Diamonds 101: How They Form and How They're Found

Natural diamonds are among the hardest and most ancient substances on earth—some specimens were formed three billion years ago.